The Last Song b/w Divide

Vinyl and CD version available by mail (boltrecordsinfo@gmail.com) and digital single available via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play.

The Last Song: Produced by Sean Slade, Engineered by Benny Grotto. Recorded at Q Division, Somerville. George Faulkner – vocals. Mike Milazzo – guitars. Sean Slade – bass and keys. Benny Grotto – drums.

Divide: Produced and engineered by Tony Maimone. Recorded at Studio G, Brooklyn. George Faulkner – vocals. Sasha Dobson – harmony vocal. Mike Milazzo – guitars. Tony Maimone – bass. Richard Salino – drums.

Mastered by Will Quinnell, Sterling Sound.

Art by Peter Bagge.