(My Girl’s a) Hologram

Rabies Hologram Cover 3000

Formed in the summer of 1981, The Rabies released two 7″ singles in 1982. Their first single, (My Girl’s a) Hologram has been re-issued, mixed from the 1982 master tapes, available on digital, and on 7″ vinyl in Spain from You Are The Cosmos, and in the US from Get Hip

As for the mix, The Rabies found a 1982 1/2″ 8-track session tape. It had the original 8-tracks on it – bounced to stereo – and 6 overdubs (both songs from the single). We got the tape baked, and digitized. Then, Peter Denenberg, the original producer of the single, took the stems and did a fresh mix of both songs in an effort to re-create the sound of the original single. 

Torin Alter – Guitar. Kevin Alter – Bass. George Faulkner – Vocals. John Gramaglia – Drums. Produced by Peter Denenberg and The Rabies at In the Red, Mamaroneck, NY. Cover art by David Hughes.

Vinyl copies now available through You Are The Cosmos and Get Hip. Digital copies available via Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google etc. 


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