Adderall Girl

Not the Canadian pop Rabies, Czech hardcore Rabies, nor Chinese speed metal Rabies; here’s the Reagan-era New Yorkers, 38 years after their last record.

The Rabies released two 7” records in 1982 – (My Girl’s a) Hologram b/w Criminal, and a four-song EP called Labor Day – and between 1981 and 1983 they played everywhere in the Northeast from their debut at CBGB to the college circuit. It was a great run, but they burned out and moved on.

In 2020, however, they noticed their 1982 singles were getting a ton of attention and selling for top dollar. They decided to record this, their third single.

The Rabies are back, 38 years after their last two singles were released. The new single – Adderall Girl b/w You’re the Glue – will be released on 7″ vinyl and across all digital platforms June 13, 2020. Vinyl will be available from Rebel Rouser, Brooklyn, Record Grouch, Brooklyn, and Nat Records, Tokyo. Vinyl also available via The Rabies page on Bandcamp and for $9 in the U.S. (postage included) by contacting boltrecordsinfo[at]

Credits: George – vocals, Torin – guitar, Kevin – bass, John – drums. Songs written by Torin Alter. Produced and recorded by Bryce Goggin at Trout Recording, Brooklyn. Cover art by David V. Hughes.

Reviews are coming in…

Reverb Racoon

Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth

Record Crates United

“A beautifully-arranged pile of power pop.” – Reverb Raccoon

“A smash and grab lesson in melodic sensibility.” – Harmonic Distortion

“Like prime Lemonheads. Bitingly catchy.” – The Big Takeover

“Completely cute.” – Maximum Rocknroll

“The Rabies single is GREAT!” – Ronnie Barnett

“A pummeling beat, growling riffs, fierce, youthful energy, and masterful songwriting skills.” – Record Crates United

“I think The Rabies is a terribly good name for a bunch of musicians.” – John Cleese

“Wow. You guys are amazing.” – Carnie Wilson

“Eeeeeeee! The Rabieeees!!! Go fellows!” – Peter Noone

“Good effort, but Labor Day is better.” – Michael Gramaglia

“I love the recordings. This is the coolest packaging I have ever seen.” – Bill Chadwick

For more info: boltrecordsinfo at

The Rabies, 2020
The Rabies, 1982
Hologram 7″ 1982
Labor Day 7″ EP, 1982

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